Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival, November 4th, 5th & 6th, 2016

  • Paul McDermand & Accompanist: Paul plays an assortment of percussion and a variety of musical genres. Enhanced by tasteful orchestration, his exuberant steel drums and soft, sensual marimba lead the listener through a vast array of standard, romantic and popular works.

  • Whiskey Kiss: Whiskey Kiss reinvents themselves with their second full-length album. What started as a sweet, rockabilly-influenced act has morphed into a straight-up roots rock band with vintage flair and edgy kicks. The result is a classic backbone driven in a modern direction: Retro.Revamped.



  • Brandon Gaesser: Brandon studied at the University of Miami Frost Music School before moving on to Nashville in 2008. He earned a Bachelor of
    Science degree in Songwriting and Music Business from the Mike Curb
    School of Music Business and Entertainment at Belmont University, studying under songwriting talent Tom Douglas (“The House That Built
    Me”). But it is Classic Rock and his classical piano training that inspire him
    most. Though from a younger generation, Brandon has matured into
    a vocalist who appreciates the musical styles of Jim Croce, James Taylor,
    Dan Fogelberg, Cat Stevens, and Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, and Gordon Lightfoot…to name a few. 

Bob Culbertson

Bob Culbertson.jpg

Bob Culbertson is a Stick virtuoso who has spent over 35 years cultivating his unique sound.  His combination of expression, technique and musical emotion is like nothing heard before.  

Culbertson's recordings have been described as "the sound of the Stick in its purest form" because they are recorded live with only a mild touch of ambient reverb.”

Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival, January 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2017

  • Moodafaruka: Mixing Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Western motifs, Moodafaruka creates a tapestry of sound that is both familiar and new. The Global community is burgeoning into a multicultural, multicolored, multilingual village. Moodafaruka's mission is to remind people of the common values we share, to honor our differences, and promote the celebration of life through music.
john Jacobs

Michael kollwitz

One of the instrument’s earliest pioneers and one of Emmett Chapman’s first students, Michael is a Chapman Stick virtuoso with 39 years experience. Played with both hands using a pianistic technique on a stringed instrument, the Chapman Stick is unique, versatile and probably the most expressive musical instrument ever devised. The result is music that sounds unlike any other instrument.

Devoted to spreading Knowledge of the Chapman Stick, Michael has performed at over a thousand festivals, fairs & corporate events combined.