The Roadrunners:

Kevin Wheeler Michael Engelmann & Derric Butler


Rockin' Memories:

Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph

Rockin Memories.jpg

Known as "Rockin' Memories" when they perform live, Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph specialize in 50s & 60s music, but are in no way limited to that genre.
With Bruce's extensive background in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Big-Band, Blues, Country and a host of other realms, and Pam's ability to vocally lay out power, feel & phrasing that will knock your senses for a massively dynamic journey as well, you can be guaranteed an unforgettable experience when you witness "Rockin' Memories" in action! Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph have a unique & powerful marketing advantage as well…for smaller budgets & venues, they can perform as a Duo with Bruce on keyboards utilizing recorded backgrounds arranged & performed entirely by him on drums & keyboard ( NOT "store bought" or "Karaoke" tracks). For venues where the budget allows, they use a live band (with horn section), & Bruce moves to the drums. Either way, the audience is in for a powerful, exciting, totally enjoyable & highly-entertaining experience of a "Rockin' Memories" performance!

Bob Culbertson

Bob Culbertson.jpg

Bob Culbertson is a Stick virtuoso who has spent over 35 years cultivating his unique sound.  His combination of expression, technique and musical emotion is like nothing heard before.  

Culbertson's recordings have been described as "the sound of the Stick in its purest form" because they are recorded live with only a mild touch of ambient reverb.”

John Jacobs

john Jacobs