Thunderbird Artists is the leading producer of award-winning fine art and wine festivals in the Southwest. Our mission is to promote fine arts and fine crafts, while supporting the artists, local merchants and surrounding communities. Each festival is juried and includes unparalleled wine tasting and live musical entertainment, creating an ambiance like no other and ensuring a first-class experience for all who attend.

We look forward to seeing you at the final event of our 2016/2017 festival season - March 24th, 25th & 26th, at the 13th Annual Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire!


13th Annual fountain hills Fine Art & Wine affaire

march 24-26, 2017

Featured Artist:  randy polk

Thunderbird Artists is excited to line the Avenue of the Fountains for the 13th Annual Fountain Hills Fine Art & Wine Affaire.  The festival integrates superior fine art and fine crafts with a vast selection of imported and domestic wines, tasty food, flavorful sweets and live musical entertainment! The featured artist, jewelry maker Randy Polk, is a Fountain Hills resident and business owner.


Featured Artist: Randy Polk

Featured Artist: Randy Polk

Randy Polk strives to create wearable sculptures; each piece is beautifully unique and a statement in itself.

Randy and his wife, Kitsana, blend a contemporary Southwestern flair with splashes of color. Diamonds and other precious stones are added to settings, rounding off each creation with both exotic and familiar flairs - mixing the best features of the Southwest with the finest of European gem jewelry. The end result is fine art - beautiful combinations that are always distinctive and never commonplace. Randy’s theory is that life is too short for boring jewelry and that one shouldn't settle for what the rest of the world is satisfied with.


In addition to the gorgeous jewelry made by Randy Polk, this juried festival hosts 150 nationally acclaimed, award-winning artists from throughout the country and abroad; in addition to unparalleled wine tasting. For $10, patrons receive an engraved souvenir wine glass with six tasting tickets, allowing them to sample wines from throughout world, as well as rum.  This unique event brings together fine art, wine tasting, delectable food, mouthwatering confections and live musical entertainment - featuring Bob Culbertson on the Chapman Stick and pianist, Brandon Gaesser. Bob Culbertson is an influential Chapman Stick player, as an early adopter of the instrument, he is notable for his many recorded albums and extensive touring. Brandon performs the music of favorite artists from the 1960s-1990s, as well as his original songs.

 This event is located in the home to "One of the world's tallest fountains", Fountain Hills. The festival will take place on Avenue of the Fountains, between La Montana and Saguaro Blvd. Avenue of the Fountains is home to some of the best restaurants in town, as well as businesses, boutiques and specialty shops. This year the town has also added public art works, fountains, outdoor tables and areas for sitting, all within viewing distance of Fountain Park.


Thunderbird Artists are ambassadors of the arts;
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— Judi Combs, CEO